American History and Founding Documents

February 16th, 2016 | Posted in Educational Resources

Engage your children with fun and educating activities based off of Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence. See below for suggestions!

  • Have your children write their own Declaration of Independence and sign it
  • Let a student pick a colony and present facts about that colony to the class or write a report on it
  • Have your own tea party (serve tea and talk about the Boston Tea Party)
  • Have your students create a collage that represents the story arc in Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence
  • Create a mash-up video of kids reciting different parts of the Declaration of Independence
  • Let kids create Indian headdresses and then tell the story of Pocahontas during story hour
  • Have kids decide on a “right” that’s important to them and ask them to write a petition to you describing why that right is important
  • Celebrate July 4th in the fall or spring (have kids bring picnic snacks; decorate the room in red, white, and blue; read Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence to them, and ask them to share their favorite July 4th memory)
  • Create a diorama of the Lexington and Concord battle
  • Ask kids to draw a picture of their favorite scene or part from Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence