Tevi Troy

Tevi Troy is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute, and a writer and consultant on health care and domestic policy. He is a frequent television and radio analyst, and has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, Al Jazeera English, and the Jim Lehrer Show, among other outlets. Dr. Troy’s many other affiliations include serving as a member of the publication committee of National Affairs, a member of the Board of Fellows of the Jewish Policy Center, a Visiting Scholar at the School of Policy and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University, a member of the International Advisory Council for APCO Worldwide, and a regular contributor to National Review Online.

Dr. Troy has extensive Captiol Hill and White House experience, having served in multiple high-level positions, culminating in his service as Deputy Assistant and Acting Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, where he ran the Domestic Policy Council and was the White House’s lead adviser on health care, labor, education, transportation, immigration, crime, veterans and welfare under the George W. Bush administration. At the White House, Dr. Troy specialized in crisis management, creating intra-governmental consensus, and all aspects of policy development. He also spearheaded the White House’s American Competitiveness Initiative, featured in the 2007 State of the Union Address.

Dr. Troy is the author of Intellectuals and the American Presidency: Philosophers, Jesters, or Technicians, and has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Forbes, the New Republic, Commentary, Reason, Investor’s Business Daily, National Review, the Weekly Standard, and other publications. Dr. Troy lives in Maryland with his wife and four children.