All It Takes is Guts


Hardcover  •  $16.95
ISBN: 0895265699

Rich countries also tend to be the free countries, notes Dr. Walter Williams. Yet he sees growing threats to our wealth-building freedoms. “The American values of limited government and personal freedom have been under assault for nearly a century. Out of a misguided sense of concern for our fellow man we have permitted, and even called for government to restrain many important freedoms.”

Dr. Williams cuts through the “do-good” rhetorical facade on such programs as affirmative action, the minimum wage, and farm price supports, and asserts that economic freedom will always create wealth and distribute it more efficiently than will Washington’s political deal-makers.

His argument on such issues as poverty, race, and the economy come from a lifetime of striving against the odds and from a strong academic background. Dr. Williams was raised by his mother during the Depression in the slums of North Philadelphia. Her discipline, and the high standards his teachers held him to, have shown Walter Williams that as long as there is freedom in America, there will be plenty of opportunities for those with the will–and the guts–to seek them.

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