Beyond Good and Evil


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ISBN: 0-89526-920-1

In Beyond Good and Evil Nietzche asserts that humanity is at the end of a long experiment with morality. We have defined and refined out ideas of good and evil for so long, he says, that they are worn out. They slip through our fingers and have a disconcerting way of turning into their opposites without notice: a good, such as mother love, turns into evil, mother-domination; and evil, such as selfishness, becomes self-respect, self-control.

Neitzches suggests that it is not necessary to go “beyond good and evil when speaking of morality. By beyond he means several things: “above,” in the sense of the Great Beyond, “on the other side of,” suggesting that good and evil are on the same side of morality and that there exists another side, and “aside from,” i.e., paying no attention to good and evil.

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