Reclaiming Israel’s History

smReclaiming Israels History - COVER v9 72dpi


Hardcover  •  2016  •  $27.99
ISBN: 9781621575900

There was a time when Israel could do no wrong in America’s eyes. That time is long past, and justly so—no nation is absolutely perfect, particularly not one who is engaged in a conflict as long as the Arab-Israeli Conflict. But the myth of the perfect Israel has been supplanted by a far more deleterious myth: the myth of the evil occupier Israel. This new myth has so pervaded contemporary culture that the history of Israel—as well documented as it is—has been recast and retold to fit a false narrative of Israel as violent occupier.

David Brog, director of Christians United for Israel, reminds readers of the true history of Israel and Palestine inReclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace.

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