Still Standing

Still Standing


Hardcover  •  2009  •  $27.95
ISBN: 978-1-59698-602-2

She Was Silenced By The Left For Her Beliefs

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Sarah Palin. Ann Coulter. Michelle Malkin. There’s no one the liberal media love to attack more than a strong,  conservative  woman.

So when Carrie Prejean, former Miss California, boldly stood up for traditional marriage on national TV, the leftist pundits went crazy. They threw everything they had at her: lies, insults, hatred. But through it all, Carrie stood her ground, maintaining her courage and composure.

In her new book,  Still Standing, Carrie reveals her story–the story the media didn’t report but America wants to hear. From the liberal media’s unfair attacks, to Hollywood’s vindictive smear campaign, to Carrie’s never-before-published conversation with Sarah Palin,  Still Standing  gives readers the inside story and delivers a clear message: conservative women are here to stay.

Featuring a foreword by Sean Hannity,  Still Standing  reveals:

  • How political correctness is becoming a clear and present danger to free speech
  • Why liberals target conservative women for special persecution and how Carrie was able to overcome this with the courage to stand up for her beliefs
  • The intimidation of the liberal media that kept many of Carrie’s supporters quiet
  • How Carrie was able to get through the liberal media firestorm
  • The behind-the-scenes-truth of how and why Carrie’s own pageant directors joined forces with the vicious smear campaign against her

Carrie Prejean has endured the hellish nightmare that the liberal media can inflict on anyone who disagrees with their agenda. But her courage and conviction show us how we can stare down the “PC” bullies and reclaim our rights to freedom of speech.

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