The Dybbuk


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ISBN: 0-89526-904-x

“It can hardly be said,” writes the translator, “that The Dybbuk is the product of one mind or even of one hand. Into its composition went the best and also the worst elements of the experiences of an entire people: their sufferings, their superstitions, their culture, and their soul…The Dybbuk is in essence a myth.”

The Dybbuk was in fact written by Shloyme Zanvl Rapport (1863-1920), known throughout the literary world under the psuedonym of S. Ansky, first in Russian and then rewritten in Yiddish, the tradition from which it sprang. First performed in Warsaw  in 1920, this classic drama of love and possession in a religious Jewish community in Eastern Europe, has since become the most popular play in the Yiddish theater; it has also been transcribed into operas, ballets, and various musical renditions.

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