The Electric Windmill


Hardcover  •  $$17.95
ISBN: 0-89526-568-0

Here is cultural commentator Tom Bethell at the height of his craft. In The Electric Windmill he moves from the Kremlin to the homosexual districts in San Francisco to the jazz centers of New Orleans. Below are some excerpts:


“She had short grizzly hair and she wore a horizontally striped rugger-bugger jersey. If she came walking toward you on the sidewalk, you might just decide to step aside rather then invading her space. If women played football, she would make a good linebacker, or whatever it is they call them.”

L.A. Punk

“We went into the club, which was colored ultraviolet, indigo-ink, and black. You needed a flashlight to see your money. The place was filled with shaven-headed punks.”

Ted Kennedy

“His face was salmon pink, his hair somewhat tousled. Kennedy was about him an air of slightly disreputable, roguish charm. “

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