The Pilgrim Chronicles



Hardcover  •  2014  •  $27.99
ISBN: 978-1621572695

“It may be said of us, almost as of the Egyptians, that there is not a house where there is not one dead, and in some houses many. In three months past, die half our company; the greater part in the depth of winter, wanting houses and other comforts, being infected with the scurvy and other diseases, which their long voyage and uncomfortable condition brought upon them; so as there die, sometimes two or three a day.”

In The Pilgrim Chronicles, readers discover the anguished journey and heroic strength of the Pilgrims through vivid memoirs, letters, and personal accounts. Rod Gragg has amassed the ultimate Pilgrim experience in the first-ever illustrated guide including never-before-published firsthand accounts. Plymouth’s story began long before the Puritans settled on the North American continent and continued long after. Gragg, author of The Illustrated Gettysburg Reader, tells the captivating journey of a people seeking religious freedom in a new land—beginning with their persecution in England, painful exile, refuge in Holland, ocean voyage across the Atlantic, and struggle to survive among Native Americans in the untamed wilderness. It’s the historical book you can’t put down—a riveting story of a New World discovered in the brisk autumn of 1620 and bought at a devastating price. Stand alongside our nation’s earliest settlers for some of the most fateful moments in migration’s history told by the Pilgrims themselves.

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