The Social Contract

Social Contract


Paperback  •  1999  •  $$16.95
ISBN: 978-1-59698-082-2

Social Contract takes up an argument which had begun with Bodin and Hobbes, and been continued by Grotius, Spinoza, and Locke to form the foundation of political thinking in the eighteenth century. But it is both more and less then that implies: more in expressing the sensibilite of its author, writing with a grasp of rhythm and rhetorical effect that puts him in another class from all his predecessors save Hobbes; less in taking shortcuts to radical conclusions that are justified not by the power of argument but by the weight of sentiment behind them. The Social Contract is a work of consummate rhetorical skill; but it is also a prolonged sleight of hand in which what is most questionable is carefully hidden behind the magnificent flourishes of the prose.

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