Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang Explore the Importance of U.S. History

June 30th, 2016 | Posted in News

Brand new series takes kids on three inspiring American adventures

Washington, D.C.—The lack of understanding about American history among students is alarming. Recent studies show that 53 percent of young adults favor socialism while only 16 percent can accurately define it. But Charlie Brown and Snoopy are coming to the rescue! In a brand new series, Peanuts Great American Adventure (Regnery Kids; Hardcover; June 27, 2016; $15.99), Charlie Brown and the gang are making history fun for kids.


Written by Tracy Stratford, the original “Lucy” voice actor, the new books share stories of American independence, exploration of the new world, and pioneer adventures in the West. The books are designed to offer a kid-friendly explanation of how our country became the independent nation it is today, in a way that will whet kids’ appetite for history.


Each book in the series—Hooray for Liberty, Charlie Brown!It’s a New World, Charlie Brown!, and Westward Ho, Charlie Brown!—shares a different story about American history in a lighthearted and colorful way. Whether it’s the principles of liberty in the Declaration of Independence or the hardships faced by America’s first settlers, these books provide the perfect way for young children to learn about the foundation of our country and spark their interest in history.


Shocking statistics:

  • Only 35 percent of fourth graders can correctly state the purpose of the Declaration of Independence
  • Just 12 percent of twelfth graders demonstrate proficiency in history on the National Assessment of Educational Progress
  • Only 2 percent of twelfth graders can correctly identify which issue Brown vs Board addressed
  • While 53 percent of millennials favor socialism, only 16 percent can define it