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A Brief History of the Cold War, Elizabeth Edwards Spalding, Lee Edwards, 2016, , Hardcover, $24.99

The Cold War was a crucial conflict in American history. At stake was whether the world would be dominated by the forces of totalitarianism led by the Soviet Union, or inspired by the principles of economic and political freedom embodied in the United States. The Cold War established America as the leader of the free… | read more »

A Cartoon History of the Reagan Years, , 1970, 0-89526-778-0, Paperback, $9.95

1980 The rise of Reagan Democrats relished the idea of facing Ronald Reagan as the Republican presidential nominee. They figured he’d be easy to tag as a right-wing extremist, an aging ex-actor, and a dope. They figured wrong. Reagan committed gaffes and goofs, but his appeal was magnetic. He attracted Southern and ethnic Democrats, independents,… | read more »

A Changing America, Paul Laxalt, 1970, 0-89526-676-8, Hardcover, $

America is in the grip of change, in the grip of an election year, in the grip of a new decade. The actions Americans take now will rule the decade and govern our lives. This vital, election year book identifies the nation’s political, social, and economic agenda for this pivotal era. A Change in America… | read more »

A Changing America, Paul Laxalt, 1970, 0-89526-892-2, Paperback, $$2.95

America is in the grip of chagne, in teh grip of an election year, in the grip of a new decade. The actions we take now will rule the decade and govern our lives.

A Choice Not an Echo, Phyllis Schlafly, 2014, 978-1621573159, Hardcover, $14.99

Over 3 million copies sold! Celebrate 50 years since the release of Phyllis Schlafly’s monumental A Choice Not an Echo, the book that launched the conservative resurgence of the late 20th century. This special updated and expanded edition contains 50 percent new material placing the book in its historical context and applying the book’s lessons to… | read more »

A Christian For All Christians, Dr. Andrew Walker, Dr. James Patrick, 1970, 0-89526-735-7, Paperback, $$10.95

C.S. Lewis continues to fascinate and influence thousands of people over 25 years after his death. A Christian for All Christians looks at the influence and friendships that helped shape the real Clive Staples Lewis–Christian apologist, moral philosopher, literary critic, and fantasy writer–and examines the reasons for his enduring popularity with virtually all types of… | read more »

A Cracking of the Heart, David Horowitz, 2009, 978-1-59698-103-4, Hardcover, $24.95

Unlike anything he has ever written, A Cracking of the Heart is David Horowitz’s personal and poignant story about the death of his beloved daughter, Sarah.

A Mormon in the White House, Hugh Hewitt, 2007, 159598502X , Hardcover, $27.95

Insightful, informed, and full of new reporting and dozens of interviews with Romney himself, political heavyweights such as California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and religious leaders such as Chuck Colson and Archbishop Charles Chaput, A Mormon in the White House? is the book you need to understand the man who could be our next president.

A Nation Like No Other, Newt Gingrich, 2011, 978-1-59698-271-0, Hardcover, $29.95

Newt Gingrich lays out a powerful defense for America as the Founders intended it, explaining exactly what American Exceptionalism is (a set of core values reflected in our Declaration of Independence) and what it is not (nationalist hubris).

A New Birth of Freedom, Steve Forbes, 1970, 0-89526-320-3, Hardcover, $24.95

Forbes stunned the political establishment by winning upset Republican primaries in Delaware and Arizona, and shares his positive, forward-looking vision to give every American the freedom to participate in this new era of prosperity.

A Point in Time, David Horowitz, 2011, 978-1-59698-290-1, Hardcover, $24.95

Interweaving episodes of his own life with the writings of the philosopher and the novelist, Horowitz explores how we provide meaning to an apparently senseless existence and the dire consequences that follow from seeking to redeem it by attempting to make a perfect world out of the imperfect one in which we find ourselves.

A Public Betrayed, Adam Gamble, Takesato Watanabe, 1970, 0-89526-046-8, Hardcover, $27.95

Uncovering the worst about the institution in Japan designed to serve and inform the populace–with valuable lessons for the U.S.

A Republic, Not an Empire, Patrick J. Buchanan, 1999, 0-89526-272-x, Hardcover, $29.95

Breakaway conservative presidential candidate Pat Buchanan’s erudite and eloquent plea for a new American foreign policy, rooted in America’s greatest traditions, to avoid a future of endless war.

A Shred of Honour, Tom Connery, 1970, 0-89526-205-3, Paperback, $12.95

Connery follows-with remarkable detail and texture-Lieutenant George Markham of the Royal Marines battling against the empire of Napoleon.

A Slobbering Love Affair, Bernard Goldberg, 2009, 978-1-59698-090-7, Hardcover, $25.95

In the New York Times bestseller, A Slobbering Love Affair, author Bernard Goldberg shows how the mainstream media’s hopelessly one-sided coverage of President Obama has shredded America’s trust in journalism and endangered our free society.

A Time for Reflection, William E. Simon, 1970, 0-89526-170-7, Hardcover, $27.95

Written just before his death in 2000, the quintessential figure of the American Century delivers a breathtaking odyssey of his adventures.

A Victor, Not a Bucher, Edward Bonekemper, III, 1970, 0-89526-062-X, Hardcover, $27.95

Flouting conventional wisdom, this historian proves Grant’s military prowess.

A Washington Tragedy, Don Moldea, 1970, 0-89526-382-3, Hardcover, $24.95

Using newly uncovered information and exclusive sources, Moldea probes into the questions that have plagued the Vincent Foster case since the beginning, including the most important question of all: Why did Vincent Foster die?

Abel Sanchez and Other Stories, Miguel de Unamuno, 1999, 978-0-89526-707-8, Paperback, $14.95

Here is an essential Unamuno reader, offering a full-length novel, Able Sanchez, and two remarkable short stories, The Madness of Doctor Montarco and San Manuel Bueno, Martyr. Perhaps most famous for his philosophical essay, The Tragic Sense of Life, Unamuno was one of the most dynamic intellects in the extraordinary flowering of Spanish culture in… | read more »

Abortion Rites, Marvin Olasky, 1970, 0-895267233, Paperback, $14.95

Olasky concludes in his book that law is not the crucial issue in solving the abortion issue, it must be done by moral suasion, support for adoption, and help for unwed mothers.

Absolute Power, David Limbaugh, 1970, 0-895262371, Hardcover, $27.95

In this stunning exposé Limbaugh shows how politics determines who gets hammered with the mailed fists of the federal government and who can operate with complete legal immunity.

Adios, America, Ann Coulter, 2016, 9781621576068, Paperback, $16.00

New York Times besteller and “political book of the year”! In Adios, America Ann Coulter touches the third rail in American politics, attacking the immigration issue head-on and flying in the face of La Raza, the Democrats, a media determined to cover up immigrants’ crimes, churches that get paid by the government for their “charity,” and… | read more »

After America, Mark Steyn, 1970, 9781596983274, Paperback, $16.95

Just in time for the presidential election, the New York Times bestseller comes to paperback! Featuring a new introduction, this edition takes on Obama’s disastrous plan for our nation, and reveals what a post-American world could look like.

After the Internet, Dr. James Martin, 1970, 0-895262800, Hardcover, $27.95

Technology guru James Martin shows in his groundbreaking book that the Internet is only the beginning of the radical changes computers will bring to our lives.

Ain’t No Rag, Charlie Daniels, 2003, 0-89526-073-5, Hardcover, $24.95

All Cloudless Glory, Volume I, The Life of George Washington, Harrison Clark, 1970, 0-89526-466-8, Hardcover, Paperback, $39.95

Through the wealth of autobiographical material Washington left behind, Clark weaves historical narrative with Washington’s own words, presenting the youthful Washington, from his formative years to the brink of military victory at Yorktown.

All Cloudless Glory, Volume II, The Life of George Washington, Harrison Clark, 1970, 0-89526-445-5, Hardcover, Paperback, $39.95

Through the wealth of autobiographical material Washington left behind, Clark weaves historical narrative with Washington’s own words, presenting the youthful Washington, from his formative years to the brink of military victory at Yorktown.

All It Takes is Guts, , 1970, 0895265699, Hardcover, $16.95

Rich countries also tend to be the free countries, notes Dr. Walter Williams. Yet he sees growing threats to our wealth-building freedoms. “The American values of limited government and personal freedom have been under assault for nearly a century. Out of a misguided sense of concern for our fellow man we have permitted, and even… | read more »

Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, H. Rider Haggard, 1999, 978-0-89526-327-8, Paperback, $14.95

The further exploits of the big-game hunter and intrepid explorer introduced to readers in H. Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines. Set in Africa, Allan Quatermmain and the Lost City of Gold meets the high standards for an adventure novel set by that first book. Allan must postpone his wedding to rescue his brother, who has… | read more »

Allen Dulles, James Srodes, 1999, 0-89526-314-9, Hardcover, Paperback, $34.95

The dramatic story of how America became a world power told through the life of its premier spy.

Ambrose Bierce’s Civil War, Ambrose Bierce, 1970, 978-0-89526-716-0, Paperback, $12.95

Ambrose Bierce’s short stories and factual accounts of the Civil War won him lasting fame both for his unflinching portrayals of the realities of war and for his mordant view of the grotesqueries of men in battle. This collection of Bierce’s best pieces reflects his life-long obsession with death and calamity and his undoubted talent… | read more »

America Alone, Mark Steyn, 2006, 0-89526-078-6, Hardcover, $27.95

A conservative columnist argues that America should spread its influence around the world.

America: Imagine a World Without Her, Dinesh D'Souza, 2015, 978-1-62157-401-9, Hardcover, Paperback, $

#1 New York Times Bestseller! Is America a source of pride, as Americans have long held, or shame, as Progressives allege? Beneath an innocent exterior, are our lives complicit in a national project of theft, expropriation, oppression, and murder, or is America still the hope of the world? New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza says… | read more »

America’s Thirty Years War, Balint Vazsonyi, 1970, 0-89526-354-8, Hardcover, Paperback, $24.95

Hungarian-born historian and concert pianist, Balint Vazsonyi, who knows what it means to live under authoritarian regime, makes a powerful case that America is slowly moving towards socialism.

American Grit, Tony Blankley, 1970, 978-1-59698-519-3, Hardcover, $27.95

In American Grit, nationally syndicated columnist Tony Blankley warns that President Obama’s administration is a potential disaster at a dangerous time for America.

An Economist for the Long Run, W.H. Hunt, 1970, 0-89526-797-7, Paperback, $$7.95

An Education for Our Time, Josiah Bunting III, 1970, 0-89526-369-6, Hardcover, Paperback, $24.95

General Josiah Bunting-Rhodes scholar, best-selling novelist, president of three distinguished colleges, including the Virginia Military Institute-draws a portrait of the ideal college when a billionaire leaves his fortune to found the ideal college in his name.

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke, 1970, , Paperback, $$1.95

First published in 1690, and revised four times by the author, Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding as enhanced his reputation that he eclipsed every rival for the intellectual leadership pf the age. Locke’s theory that the whole of our knowledge, as individuals, is derived from sensory experience involved a complete revolution in the hithero universally… | read more »

An Introduction to the Metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Thomas Aquinas, 1999, 978-0-89526-420-6, Paperback, $14.99

St. Thomas Aquinas is the central figure of scholasticism, embodying the highest achievements of Late Medieval thought. His work is remarkable demonstration of thoroughness, organization, and self assurance in the face of complexity and confusion.

Anastasia, , 1970, 9870895265362, Hardcover, $24.95

“Don’t forget me,” she wrote a friend in 1917. History has certainly not forgotten the youngest daughter of Nicholas II, Czar of all of Russia. Neither has it done her justice. An enduring legend has grown around her, once embellished by novels, motion pictures, television programs, a ballet, popular songs, and even comic books. Truth has… | read more »

Animalscam, Kathleen Marquardt, 1970, 0-89526-498-6, Hardcover, $24

This is the first book to reveal the truth behind animal rights activists’ deceptive claims and exposes the threat they pose to fundamental political, ethical, and religious values Americans cherish.

Are Pesticides Really Necessary?, , 1970, 0895268884, Paperback, $$6.95

He who has bread may have many troubles: He who lacks it has only one. Using the sly wisdom of this old Byzantine proverb, Keith C. Barrons leads the concerned layman of scientists alike on a guided tour of the symbiotic world of green plants, insects and man, always asking the question: Are pesticides really… | read more »

At Any Cost, Bill Sammon, 1970, 0-89526-227-4, Hardcover, $27.96

Sammon’s political thriller exposes all the behind-the-scenes manipulation and courtroom maneuvering that turned Florida’s election upside down.

At the Brink, John R. Lott Jr., 2013, 978-1-62157-051-6, Hardcover, $27.95

Over the past four years, President Barack Obama has systematically undermined every pillar of America’s strength and vitality—from the economy to health care to immigration to energy policy to personal liberty. With a bloated federal bureaucracy, staggering national debt, crippling unemployment, a crushing burden of regulation and red tape for private business and entrepreneurs, zealous… | read more »

At the Eye of the Storm, , 1970, 0895266342, Hardcover, $$14.95

Combining the provocative story of President Ronald Reagan’s most colorful Cabinet officer with an eyeopening exploration of the vast resources controlled by the Department of the Interior, author Ron Arnold creates an intriguing look at James G. Watt and the storms of controversy swirling around him. By focusing on the forces, people, issues, and dramatic… | read more »

Awesome Possum Family Band, Jimmy Osmond, 2014, 978-1621572114, Hardcover, $16.95

The Awesome Possum Family Band has been invited to sing on TV. It’s their big showbiz break and it’s time to let their talents shine! Everyone in the family knows what his or her special musical talent is, and the whole family is working together to get ready for the big day. That is, everyone… | read more »