February 16th, 2016 | Posted in Educational Resources

Engage your children with fun and educating activities based off of Woodrow for President. See below for suggestions!

  • Hold a mock election in your classroom
  • Have fun with puns. Ask students to make a list of either visual or written puns in from the story¬† and have them guess their source (Moussouri = Missouri)
  • Contact someone who is in public office and have him or her visit your classroom
  • During an election year, create a mobile of all the different candidates running for president
  • Have students write an editorial or article about Woodrow, or if during an election year, a real-life candidate
  • Reread the book to your class and have fun with vocabulary. Give students a note card with a word from the book on it. Each time a student hears his or her word, he or she holds up the card and explains the word to the class
  • Have students research famous presidents or elections from the past and write a report on one or present what he/she learned to the class
  • During an election year, have students write a letter to the local news editor about an important issue in the election
  • Have your kids create a video about what they think makes a good president
  • Take a field trip to a polling place on Election Day