How Millennials Were Duped

June 30th, 2016 | Posted in News

Best-selling author exposes the myth of “democratic socialism”

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Bernie Sanders’ attempts to become our first socialist president may have failed, but we are still left dealing with his extensive base of voters who thought this was a good idea in the first place. In his brand new book, The Problem with Socialism (Regnery; July 18, 2016; $18.99), economics expert Thomas J. DiLorenzo issues a stark warning of the detrimental consequences of the Left’s plan to socialize America—and provides the information you need to arm yourself against liberal lies.

“In order to have a ‘favorable’ view of socialism,” DiLorenzo writes, “one must have either forgotten what the entire world learned about socialism from the late nineteenth century on, or have never learned anything about it in the first place. The latter is obviously true of much of the younger generation.”

The Problem with Socialism sets the record straight on an economic theory that’s gaining popularity despite its universal failure as an economic model and its truly horrific record on human rights. This book will serve as a primer on socialism (and capitalism) for some; a historical reminder for others; and a handy sourcebook on all the problems of socialism and how it threatens a free society.

As DiLorenzo shows, and history proves, socialism is the answer only if you want increasing unemployment and poverty, stifling bureaucracy if not outright political tyranny, catastrophic environmental pollution, rotten schools, and so many societal ills that it takes a book like this to cover just the big ones.

In sixteen eye-opening chapters, DiLorenzo exposes:

  • Why socialism inevitably makes inequality worse
  • The socialist death toll: why socialism was behind the worst government-sponsored mass murders in history
  • The myth of “successful” Scandinavian socialism
  • Why socialism is worse—far worse—for the environment than capitalism