How Stacey Dash Went from Clueless to Conservative

June 8th, 2016 | Posted in News

The Hollywood actress reveals her never-before-told story of an abusive childhood, violent adulthood relationships that nearly killed her, and how it all made her a conservative

WASHINGTON, D.C. Stacey Dash is more than a very pretty face.  She’s someone who learned the hard way that the facts of life teach you lessons in conservatism.  For the first time ever, Stacey is speaking out about her tragic past. In her brand new book, There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative (Regnery; $27.99; June 6, 2016), the Clueless star and Fox News contributor tells the shocking story of growing up with drug addict parents, horrific sexual abuse, near-fatal domestic violence, and how it ultimately made her a conservative—and gave her the inner strength to stand up for her convictions.

In an election cycle dominated by intense racial rhetoric, Stacey knows from first-hand experience that minorities have been sold a bill of goods by the Left—and that conservative policies are ultimately what will lift people out of poverty.

“I have seen—over and over and over—the way liberal policies and conservative principles play out in the real, unforgiving world,” writes Dash. “I want to take a moment and challenge the deeply held beliefs of my brothers and sisters.  There is a better way.  Black people have the chance, the abilities, and the responsibility to take advantage of the amazing opportunities afforded by this nation.”

And her story is proof.

This Hollywood star has been pilloried by many in Hollywood, but praised by a loyal legion of fans who respond to her honesty, her courage, and her convictions.

In this, her first book, Stacey Dash reveals:

  • How she was “blacked” into voting for Barack Obama in 2008
  • How Stacey’s pro-choice views changed—while she was in an abortion clinic with the IV already in her arm
  • How Stacey exercised her Second Amendment rights to protect herself from a violent ex-boyfriend
  • Why most black people are really capitalist Republicans—even if they don’t know it
  • How Whoopi Goldberg stood up to Barbara Walters to defend Stacey
  • What George Clooney and a table full of other Hollywood stars and hip-hop celebrities had to say about Stacey’s politics at New York’s notorious Bungalow 8 club
  • How painful experiences with abusive men helped teach Stacey that “family values” are important, no matter what the Democrats say

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