Gateway Editions

Gateway Editions are classic works of philosophy, religion, social science, and literature embodying the intellectual rigor and spirit of discovery that drove Henry Regnery to found a publishing company over half a century ago. The Gateway imprint dates back to the early 1950s and continues to provide a wide variety of works by authors from the United States and around the world, from Spanish intellectual Miguel de Unamuno to Japanese novelist Natsume Soseki. Gateway Editions feature a variety of perspectives, with authors who hold views as diametrically opposed to each other as Russell Kirk and Karl Marx; Thomas Aquinas and Friedrich Nietzsche.

In addition to the imprint’s traditional offerings, Gateway Editions publishes several themed collections. Gateway’s Skeptical Reader Series provides a glimpse into the core ideas behind the political ideologies prevalent in today’s society, giving readers the foundation to support, refine, or change their own political beliefs. The Gateway Movie Classics offer adventure and intrigue for fans of classic cinema who would like to experience the original novel. Gateway Mysteries offer fiction with a healthy dose of murder and mayhem. Gateway Contemporary addresses the theory and ethics behind challenges of the modern day.