Marriage Done Right: Healing Our Broken Culture

June 8th, 2016 | Posted in News

Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly Urges Americans to Return to Marriage

Washington, D.C.—Attacked on all sides by a corrosive culture, changing definitions, and high divorce rates, marriage is in trouble. Yet, in his new book Marriage Done Right: One Man, One Woman, Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, claims that marriage can be reclaimed. Instead of pointing a finger, Daly encourages Christians, and all of us, to look in the mirror.

Marriage as an institution serves the good of all society; regulating sexuality, tying men to their children, protecting women from male sexual exploitation and most importantly giving children love and care. Without strong marriages, culture, society and individuals suffer.

Daly has written a wake-up call, a passionate challenge to Christian men and women to examine their lives and marriages. “Marriage,” Daly claims “is difficult because it’s a union of sinners.” Only through following God’s timeless model can we have any hope of succeeding.

Using anecdotes from his own marriage and from scripture, Daly provides a road map to a marriage influenced by biblical truths and love. In the midst of the cultural upheaval America is experiencing, it’s essential to affirm the tremendously positive impact that traditional marriage and unified families have on society.

In Marriage Done Right, Daly shows:

  • How society has been changing marriage for a long time and how Christians have been complicit in that.
  • The scary statistics of homes without fathers.
  • What you can do to strengthen your marriage.
  • Why marriage is society’s greatest institution and strongest influencer of culture.


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